• Currently, the system has three workflows.
  • It allows for select a workflow, simple or complex.
  • If these workflows do not meet the requirements of your meeting, we can be personalized for you.
Workflow 1
Workflow 2
Workflow 3
User Roles Defined in the System
  • Author: Submits papers and/or supporting materials to the system via his account.
  • Chief Editor: Assign editors to edit papers and general PDF via his account.
  • Editor: Edit assigned papers via his account.
  • Chief Reviewer: Assign primary reviewers for each topical area and general PDF.
  • Primary Reviewer: Assign peer reviews and reviews assigned papers via his account.
  • Peer Reviewer: Reviews assigned papers via his account.
  • Conference Manager: Manages the entire system by using the admin panel.
Author Submissions
  • Authors submit their papers to our secure server via user-friendly web interface.
  • Authors get automatic email confirmation of successful submission.
Organizing Reviews
  • Chief Reviewers assign primary reviewers for each topical area, and final review papers by chief reviews.
  • Primary reviewer assign peer reviewers, primary reviewers and peer reviewers reviewe assigned papers.
  • Peer reviewers of the review process is orderly and get automatic mail for reminder.